How to Subscribe

Subscription to our internet services is very easy.To subscribe to one of our offers the following will be required:

1- Land line Telephone at premises is required.
2- A visit to our office for filling the necessary documents.
3- On your visit you need to bring a long with you the following:
a- Full address (house no, street no, sector no).
b- 2 photos.
c- 1 form of ID for example (Driving license, Nationality certificate, etc.)
d- Mobile number required.

Once the necessary forms are filled in and term and conditions are accepted by the customer. Our staff will visit your premises within 24-48 hours to install the appropriate modem and check the line and internet service.

ADSL – Prices

Types Descriptions
Bronze Monthly fee (33,500 ID).
Silver Monthly fee (70,000 ID).
Gold Monthly fee (120,000 ID).

VDSL –  Prices

Types Descriptions
Turbo – 25 Monthly fee (43,000 ID).
Turbo – 50 Monthly fee (80,000 ID).
Turbo – 100 Monthly fee (120,000 ID).


Modem types Modem price Descriptions
 ADSL D-Link Modem 25,000 ID Wireless
 VDSL  Modem 100,000 ID Wireless